2015, January, 16: Pourquié, M. Cross-linguistic approach to noun and verb processing in adults with agrammatic aphasia and children with Specific Language Impairment. Invited Talk (Organizer: Dr. Köpke), OCTOGONE, Université de Toulouse2-Le Mirail, (Toulouse, France)
2015, March, 10 : Pourquié, M. What is aphasia? Invited talk (Organizers: BCBL), Brain awareness week, Science museum, (Donostia, Basque country)
2015, April, 22 : Pourquié, M. Aphasiology from a cross-language perspective : Focus on agrammatic verb processing. Invited talk (Organizers: Drs.Munarriz & Ezeizabarrena), University of the Basque country, (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque country)
2015, May, 28-29: Pourquié, M. & Royle, P.: Multilingual language assessment: More benefits than challenges. Poster. Montreal Bilingual Brain Initiative Symposium, (Montreal, Québec)
2015, September, 17-22: Pourquié, M.: Testing the lexical/functional divide in aphasia. Poster. Science of aphasia, (Aveiro, Portugal)
2015, November, 18-20: Pourquié, M.: A cross-linguistic behavioral study of agrammatism in Basque and French. Talk. IV International Congress of Clinical Linguistic, (Barcelona, Catalonia)
2015, November, 27: Pourquié, M.: Errors produced by typically and atyically developping bilingual children : What makes the difference?, Talk. ATYLANG (Nanterre, France)