2016, September, 2: Pourquié, M.  Royle, P. & St Denis A. Verb processing assessment in Specific Language Impairment. Poster. AMLAP, Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing (Bilbo, Basque country)
2016, October 28: Pourquié, M. Disentangling atypical from typical forms of agrammatism. Talk. Language Contact from an I-language Perspective (Donostia, Basque country)
2016, November, 15:  Pourquié, M., Royle, P. & St Denis A.  Flexion verbale et structure argumentale dans les Troubles Primaires du Langage [Verb inflection and argument structure in Specific Language Impairment]. Talk.  International conference on Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, University of Montreal (Montreal, Québec)
2016, November, 17:  Pourquié, M. Evaluation du lexique et de la flexion verbale dans les Troubles Primaires du Langage [Verb lexical and inflectional processing assessment in Specific Language Impairment]. Talk.  VOCUM, 3rd edition: Langage under scrutiny: technology and corpora. University of Montreal (Montreal, Québec)