After having completed her PhD in Language Sciences, speciality: neuropsycholinguistics and aphasiology*, Marie has extended her research interests in acquired language disorders in adults (aphasia) to developmental language disorders in children (SLI). Recently, she has created a multilingual language assessment tool in Basque, French and Spanish**, in order to collect behavioral data in the field of clinical linguistics and neurocognitive sciences.

Basque, French and Spanish, i.e. the three main languages spoken in the Basque country, belong to different language families and display distinct grammatical properties. This therefore makes the assessment of Basque-French and Basque-Spanish bilingual speakers with language disorders, a valuable domain of inquiry for identifying dissociations in language impairment that could not be observed in bilinguals speaking two languages that belong to the same family.

* ‘A neuropsycholinguistic approach to verb processing in agrammatic aphasia: A cross-linguistic case study in Basque and French’, supervised by J.L. Nespoulous and G.Rebuschi, Laboratoire Jacques Lordat, OCTOGONE, Université de Toulouse 2-Le Mirail, France (2011)

** ‘fLEX: Multilingual assessment of inFlectional and LEXical processing´ – software developed within the scope of the project ‘Cross-Language and Cross-population Verb Processing”, IOF Marie Curie, Université de Montréal, Québec (2012-2014) and BCBL, Basque country (2015)