Basque adaptation of the Comprehensive Aphasia Test

This project is part of the ‘Collaboration of Aphasia Trialists’  COST action:
Aphasia assessment can be undertaken using a vast range of published assessment tools. Assessment tools also vary between scientific disciplines and between languages across European countries. The availability, reliability and validity of different assessment tools further complicate the field. Reliable, valid and comparable across languages assessment tools would lead to improvements in the design and conduct of aphasia rehabilitation trials, which in turn would facilitate greater collaboration and further inform rehabilitation interventions in this field. The «Assessment and Outcomes» Working Group is interested in the development of uniform assessment materials to aid the assessment and diagnosis of aphasia. In particular, it aims to adapt the Comprehensive Aphasia Test (CAT) (Swinburn, Porter, and Howard, 2005) for European languages that belong to a variety of language families. The languages currently included in the project are: Basque, Catalan, Croatian, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.
ISCH COST Action IS1208
Munarriz, A., Pourquié, M. (Basque adaptation team, started in 2015)