Cross-Language and Cross-Population Verb processing

The main goal of this proposal is to compare verb processing disorders in acquired (agrammatic) vs. developmental (SLI) language disorders in order to determine whether they are of the same nature, and to identify the underlying causes for their similar or different symptomatologies. Secondly, besides being a cross-population study, this project consists in comparing verb processing data in three interestingly different languages, i.e. from a cross-linguistic perspective: in Basque, a language isolate, which has rarely been studied in the context of language pathology and in French and Spanish, two Romance languages that are part of the Indo-European family, whose grammatical properties contrast with Basque.Thirdly and more specifically, this research project is aimed at developing linguistic experiments on the basis of Basque morphological properties to further examine the study of the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying verb processing.
International Outgoing Fellowship Marie Curie (2012-2015), Severo Ochoa (2016-2018)
PI : Pourquié, M. (IOF Marie Curie coordinators: Royle, P. Université de Montréal, Carreiras, M. BCBL)