The network called «HIPIE» (HIzkuntza Patologien Ikerketa Euskaraz eta eleaniztunengan/ Research on Language pathologies in Basque and in Multilinguals) was initiated in May 2015 within the program «Nouveaux-Commanditaires Sciences» mediated by Atelier des jours à Venir: http://www.joursavenir.org/ncs/en. This program aims to «guide and stimulate communities of non-scientists to engage in dialogue with researchers, and to co-create open questions».
An urgent need for creating language assessment tools adapted for the Basque language, useful for Speech-Language Therapists working with Basque and bilingual populations has been identified. Resarchers in psycholinguistics  (Maria-Jose Ezeizaberrena, ELEBILAB, UPV/EHU and Marie Pourquié, IKER) collaborate with a dozen Speech Language Therapists in order to create a tool for assessing language development in Basque speaking children. A pilot study supported by Fondation de France, was carried out in June 2018 in two schools of the Northern Basque country.
Since 2020, research is in progress to standardize the tool, under the french sponsorship of Région Nouvelle Aquitaine and the Basque foundation GEROA. The project EDELAB stands for Evaluation du Développement du Langage Basque et Bilingue (Basque and Bilingual Language Development assessment).
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